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Ruger 10/22 Rotary Magazine Play Adjustment Screws KIDD, Volquartsen 1022 Pair
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    When adjusted properly they will prevent the excessive magazine wobble and slop that drives us so mad with our 10/22. 

    These 2 Set Screws screw into the receiver from the magazine well. They share the same threaded through holes as the V- BLock screws but from the rear.

    They can be adjusted then to limit play of the magazine, and loctite into place with blue loctite in order to prevent movement. 

    A working knowledge of your firearm is required. 

    Depending on your Barrel Locking screws will determine the adjustment travel. You may need to shorten or trim the V block screws if using aftermarket parts, but that is a rare occurance.

    These will work with all 10/22's including clones provided the V block screw holes are threaded all the way through to the magazine well. 

    Our Pete's Pillars Ruger 10/22 Cross Trigger Assembly Pin kits go great with this upgraded part. 

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