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Abusive or profane language will allow us to terminate our communications with you. We work diligently to provide quality service and respect is paramount in our operations. 
Using our products in negligence or against manufacturer recommendation is solely on the end user. 

An item I want is not in stock. Can I backorder or preorder this item?
Please contact us regarding your request and we will see if we can accommodate. Unfortunately, we won't be able to satisfy each of these requests. If we can work with you and allow the pre order we will.  If the item is listed as "In Stock" and says "Backorder" in the title, its available to be Pre -Ordered. We are not able to provide ETA's on preorders. 

Items that are cancelled under pre order will incur a 5٪ to 20% charge depending on the item.  We do not provide ETAs for these items due to the supply chain volatility. 

If the pre order is cancelled for our direct mistake, or being discontinued from the manufacturer there will be no charge.

Do you ship international?
Due to Covid, and lack of payment processing we are no longer shipping internationally. We suggest looking into a licensed exporter or freight forwarder.  

Unfortunately, these terms are not negotiable as the ATF/ITAR mandates our policies. Name calling and insults will not change this policy. 

Product Details

How Long are your pillars?
Our standard pillars are 1.5" length, and our SlimLine pillars are 1.25 in length. All of our pillar require installations and final fitting to the actual stock they will be installed in. They will need to be shortened. We do this to account for variations in tolerances, and to allow for the different rifle variations.

Do you offer instructions with your pillar kits?
We do not. We have brief instruction in our description on the web page. We suggest the excellent sources on youtube, forums/social media platforms for write up and guides on installation. We are here to offer advice and support however and the best advice we can give you, it prep work is key, and to take your time! Our Volquartsen Products, and our Green Mountain Barrels both have online instructions available from the Manufacturer website. We do recommend this article for a great write up on pillar bedding :

Midwest Long Range did an exceptional job on this video and install using ordinary shop tools. 

What Outer Diameter are your pillars?
Our Standard pillars are 1/2" in diameter. Our Slimline's are 7/16 in diameter. We do not suggest going much thinner as the wall becomes quite weak. 

What size drill bit do you recommend? 

We recommend a 1/2 Forstner, for our Standard Pillars, and a 7/16 forstner for our Slimline's. You can also use an oversized tap to create a mechanical lock if you desire. 

What Inner Diameter are your pillars?
Our Standard Pillars and SlimLine Pillars will fit up to a 1/4" action screw with our large bore pillars fitting up to 5/16 action screw.

It doesn't look like there's enough wood in my Mossberg Patriot, or CZ 457/455 AT-ONE or Boyds Stock (or other) what do I do?
When you pillar bed as long as the majority (about 55% or more) of the pillar is enclosed, the pillar will be secure when properly installed ( Think of (o) or a C). The aluminum wall or the pillar becomes the new support and the wood is no longer relevant. If you prefer, when you pillar bed you can build an epoxy wall and full surround the pillar. See pic below. Alternatively you can purchase our SlimLine 7/16'' pillars.


What is your Warranty/Guarantee Policy?
Our warranty is item specific. We are quite proud of our products and the quality standards that we have worked to establish. We will to protect the brand, and to protect our customer. 

Our warranty depends on the product brand. The brands we are Authorized Dealers we will follow the Manufacturers warranty policies and practices.

Our Brands and Pillars we will warranty on a case by case basis, depending on the issue. Once our parts have been installed, or modified we do not offer refunds, and are only at our discretion. 

Any DEVCON product, will not be offered any guarantee or warranty as these are highly sensitive to enviroment and the application process. 


How can I contact Pete's Pillars? 
You can contact us via the Form Entry on our Contact Web page, Facebook Messenger in the corner, or emailing us at  Please give us 72 Hours to respond. Sometimes we do miss emails or messages though, so you can feel free to contact us again after the intial time has passed. It is never our intent to ignore any communications. 

What are your hours of operation?
We hold office hours between 10am and 4pm EST. Sometimes these do change as things come up. Emails we try to respond more frequently but we do need sleep and will get back with you as soon as we can. 

Can I pickup my order? 
We do pickups on a case by case basis. Contact us to schedule a pickup. 

What is your Cancellation Policy. 
We have all bought something before an needed to cancel. Usually this is not a problem. We do work hard to ship fast, so we will make every attempt to cancel with no charges incurred. Once an item ships the item cannot be cancelled and it becomes a return which may have shipping charges or value deductions.  The best course of action is to keep the item in good like new condition so it can be sent back.  
Items that are cancelled will incur a 5٪ to 15% charge depending on the uniqueness of the item. 

If the  order is cancelled for our direct mistake there will be no charge. 

What is your Return/Refund policy. 
Our return policy is pretty straight forward and simple once you break it down: If its our fault and our mistake we will own it and take care of it. 
If its yours, we ask the same.

Example: We sent a damaged item or the wrong item. We will replace the item as we see appropriate. This may mean:
requiring the incorrect item be sent back. 
having the manufacturer send out missing pieces
Example : You ordered a part and no longer want it. We ask you cover the shipping back to us. 
Example: Item you purchase has the wrong component as part of a kit. Manufacturer sends the part to you directly. We consider this resolved, and anything additional we would ask you to cover the shipping. 
Example: Item you purchase has the wrong component, as part of the kit, you want a brand new kit instead of the missing part sent, we ask you pay shipping
Example: you want the manufacturer to inspect a potentially defective item. We ask you pay shipping. 

We know sometimes things happen and the truth is returns are expensive and time consuming for both parties.  This is why we work so hard on providing accurate listings.

If an item was shipped via free shipping and it is returned we may deduct this from the return. Expedited orders and shipping charges are not refundable.  Installed barrels will have a 50% return. For barrel defects we STRONGLY recommend reaching out directly to the manufacturer for warranty. 

Our manufacturers may have policies that supersede ours, which case you may need to coordinate with the manufacturer.

Any DEVCON product, will not be offered any guarantee or warranty as these are highly sensitive to environment and the application process. 

We do not offer refunds without a return.

​Customers and/or Users must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any item from PETES PILLARS LLC .  Customers and/or Users must be of legal age to own any items ordered. Customers and/or Users must be at least 21 years of age if purchasing a handgun or ATF-defined “OTHER” firearm (including, but not limited to, frames, pistol-grip shotguns, and stripped receivers) OR ammunition or ammunition components for use in handguns. PETES PILLARS LLC may request a copy of your state identification, law enforcement credentials, or a firearm owner identification card (such as a FOID or FID) before shipping your order. Customers and/or Users are responsible for checking all local laws before ordering or using any item from PETES PILLARS LLC Customers and/or Users are responsible for complying with all firearms laws in their area. Customers and/or users agree that if they purchase a firearm and do not have proper credentials to own it in their state or if the item is not state complaint they will cover all return shipping cost and return restocking fees. Customers and/or Users are to notify us immediately should you have any concerns about the legality of any product you have ordered. Any customer making a purchase through us agrees to follow all manufacturer safety instructions and to only use the product(s) in a safe manner in an approved area for a legal purpose. Customers and/or Users assume all responsibility for the legality of a specific item when you purchase it. Customers and/or Users must provide a valid contact phone number with any order placed. PETES PILLARS LLC may contact you at the provided phone number before processing any order. Customers and/or Users are responsible for payment for all orders placed through this online system. If you are not sure if you want something, please do not order it. When making a purchase from PETES PILLARS LLC Customers and/or Users agree they are not prohibited by Federal or State law, or local ordinance, from receiving firearms or ammunition, or ammunition components, of any kind. Customers and/or Users agree they are the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) being purchased. Customers and/or Users agree they are not a fugitive from justice. Customers and/or Users agree they are not an alien illegally in the United States. Customers and/or Users agree they have never renounced United States citizenship. Customers and/or Users agree they are not currently on Federal NICS or State agency DELAY/DENIED status regarding your most recent attempt to purchase a firearm. Customers and/or Users agree they have not been convicted in any court of a felony, or any other crime, for which the judge could have imprisoned you for more than one year. Customers and/or Users agree they are not under indictment for a felony, or any other crime that a judge could imprison them for. Customers and/or Users agree they have not been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. Customers and/or Users agree they are not subject to a court order restraining you from stalking, harassing, or threatening anyone. Customers and/or Users agree they have not been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions. Customers and/or Users agree they have never been adjudicated mentally defective or have not been committed to a mental institution. Customers and/or Users agree they are not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance. Customers and/or Users understand that cleaning, handling, or discharging firearms, ammunition or ammunition components may cause exposure to lead and they hold PETES PILLARS LLC harmless and assume all responsibility for any lead exposure. Pillar installation assists in accuracy as it prevents crushing of the stock and prevent stress cracks. Pillars also keep the action from twisting or moving. Consistency is key in accuracy. Please ask any and all questions before buying. I am a one man operation machining these pillar kits. I conduct all business with respect, and try to be as professional as possible. I appreciate the same. If something happens please offer a little grace and understanding and contact me about any issues. 

Never work on a loaded firearm. Always follow safe practices and ensure the fire arm is unloaded before beginning any work.

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